Crossing the Border

Picture this,  a man who woke up feeling like his hangover from the day before still hadn’t left him,  an 09 silver fiesta, 500 miles of road and a day to do it. The journey is a tale of blue fiat’s cutting you up repeatedly and then spending your 9th hour of driving envisioning yourself pulling up along side them,  one hand on the wheel , shades on,  looking over like some Vin Diesel type motherf**ker and smashing their car into the hardshoulder and off the road.  Thankfully you are content with knowing that their lives are effectively in your hands and reward yourself with the knowledge  you are in fact a compassionate and merciful God.

It sometimes seems impossible not to lose your mind slightly when driving long distances alone.  Being on the motorways from dusk til dawn has an almost hypnotic effect and you can’t implement  your usual monotony escaping  method of watching Netflix mindlessly whilst doing everyday tasks. Instead you sing along to My  Chemical  Romance ,  Blink  182 and Tenacious  D whilst solving your life’s great struggles and ponder if it’s all really worth it and maybe taking out some c*nt that cuts you up wouldn’t really be a bad way to go.

So fortunately I eventually made it to Edinburgh,  without  harming other road users or myself. The first week working got called off and I’ve had 5 days to chill out and explore a little.

As luck would have it an old friend was in Edinburgh for her birthday on Saturday night. “K”  is a bit of a dirty flirt, within a half hour of being in her company she’s professed to me and her friends that she used have a thing for me as teens. It’s always a bit weird to express you used to bare feelings for someone and it seems a bit strange to be told this as well. Kinda made me remember her differently,  I’m pretty blind when it comes to people’s emotions towards me,  usually a friend would have pointed this out.

The apartment we have is actually pretty boss hog.  Although small, it’s well thought out and let’s me wake up feeling like I’ve made it, staring through the floor to ceiling windows out at the forth bridges.14639886_10154261540046743_4451276029855175750_n

Edinburgh seems like such a beautiful city although as I’m here for work I’m going to be seeing a lot of the south gyle industrial estate and not spending my time marvelling at plethora of sights to see.

I’ll leave you with this photo from inside Edinburgh Waverly train station, I can see why some people tour the world by train if beauty like this can be seen.

Peace yo!

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