Music, Friends and Meteors

So anyone that has been on facebook in the last week is probably well aware of the Orionid Meteor Shower that has been taking place over the last few days. Boasting up to 25 shooting stars per hour!

I’m very fortunate in that I live and grew up by some of the best beaches in the United Kingdom: Croyde, Woolacombe and Saunton Sands. These beaches also provide amazing settings to stargaze.

So Friday night instead of downing the usual bottle of Morgans Spiced, stumbling about town and attempting to pass off the alcohol induced confidence as natural wit and charm to those I meet, I decided to gather a small group of close friends and headed to Saunton Sands.

Image from

The Orionid meteor showers are residual pieces of Halley’s Comet and the star show appears in our sky’s every Autumn when the Earth’s orbit once again passes through the comet’s trail of ice, dust and potential destruction.

So once at the beach we scouted about and fumbled in the dark for driftwood to build a fire. Martin had brought a speak pair of speakers to which we listened to a playlist I made of Neurofunk, Hardcore and Crossbreed – All genres that are packed full of eerie astral sounds.

So there we lay, bifta in hand on a British beach in October, fire crackling away, music scaring the seagulls, staring at the nights sky, waiting patiently for those shiny streaks across the sky. I always forget how much I love star gazing and nights on the beach with friends, it is such an amazing contrast to a night in watching TV.



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