A Lake to Remember

Diez lake1 croppedDear blog,  (thats how this works right?)

This week, much to my bosses discomfort, I got to cruise down the german motorways at a casual 120mph. Aside from the constant feeling of being on the road (we went from Devon in west England to Limburg to Munich and then back to Devon. 1800 miles in 5 days is always fun.Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 19.38.46

We stopped in a village near Limburg where I got to go for a swim in Baggersee lake in Diez. It was an artificial lake made by filling an old quarry with water, they’d also sunk cars and boats for divers to explore.

I’d always known people on the continent went to lakes on hot days but had never been to anything similar myself, I was fascinated and wished I could have spent more time there. Whilst sitting on the slipway waiting for Eric to change into his wetsuit (practicing for a triathlon) I noticed hundreds of tiny fish swimming around me. It was really quite surreal a surreal place to me and a complete contrast to anything you get in Devon.

Diez lake1

If you look closely to the right of the steps you can see the fish, they looked similar to the ones that eat skin off of people feet (yum)

The strangest part of Baggersee lake for a Brit was the nudists strolling around the far corners, as well as a whole section cordoned off for them. What I found weirdest about this whole scenario was that nobody else cared, not so much as a glance at any of them. For anyone that hasn’t visited the UK I can assure you that you would not go unnoticed if you stripped off at one of our busy beaches. The German attitude towards nudity was refreshing, showing me that it truly is our society that make us ashamed to bare all and mock/stare at others that do.


Sorry for the blur my phone isn’t great at long distance – bring on the DSLR 


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