An EPIK wait and a new horizon

Hey Y’all

So this week I have been working in Cambridge and High Wycombe with a brief trip to Nottingham – can’t wait to finish this job and head for pastures new. Unfortunately it’s going to be a while before I head off to teach abroad :/, at least with EPIK.

I received an email from my recruiter, Lucy, on monday saying that I’d been placed on the EPIK wait list. The only way I’m going to Korea before february is if someone else drops out, I’m not sure how likely this is though. I felt really frustrated at first, six months of my life working towards this and I’m told it is going to be 6 months still.

Last night I was working late in a data centre in High Wycombe and found myself engaged in conversation with a security guard from Hong Kong. I mentioned I wanted to travel south east asia and work there as a teacher for a few years and he enthusiastically scrawled down the address of the school he learnt english at and his name. He relished at the opportunity to reminisce about  his time working in a small book shop and his time spent swimming at the beaches near his house.

This chance encounter has inspired me to search elsewhere again, I’d become so fixated on South Korea I’d forgotten there were so many other places out there I’d love to live.


Its fantastic when hotels do quirky things like this towel swan to enhance your stay! The photo below is from my stay in The George Hotel near Darlington last week.



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