A quick drive around Scotland and an EPIK interview 

So last week I was sent up to Scotland for work and this week I’m back again for 2 days.  Whilst I’m sat alone in the hotel room waiting patiently for my boss to return from whatever it is he’s doing,  I thought I’d post.

Before leaving the hotel I had an interview at 7am with the EPIK program over Skype. The interview seemed doomed from the start. I’d ended up in the arse end of nowhere in a tiny little village and what they called Internet access was a 2mb ADSL line. Needless to say the most uttered phrase in the interview was “whaat, can you repeat that”  it got so bad we disabled video and just used audio – I was told I’m the only person she had to do this with. 

After my interview I drove to Aberdeen for work (I was installing cable tray in data centres). Driving through Scotland is always great but what particularly made it this time was the weather. Sun beating down, I drove along at a casual 60mph with an arm hanging out the window of the works Van, twisting and turning through the Scottish A and B road. photo_20160622_094435.jpg

The pictures you see are basically the only ones I took last time I was here.  I had quite a bit of fun driving through the Scottish countryside but once I past this bridge I had to stop and take a few snaps (hooray for camera phones).  The bridge was on the river spey on my way from Inverness to Aberdeen.


The walk to the bridge was littered with bright purple foxglove – so I got my photographer on and snapped some pics.




Feeling like a pro I strolled on back to the van and noticed a man with a huge DSLR camera and tripod – I gleefully announced to him that you could get a great shot of the village downstream if you walk further up – If only I had a camera that worked in daylight :'(.PHOTO_20160622_094507 copy

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