Hi, Hello, Yo MoFo


Greeting and salutations!

I’m Tom, I’m 24 and reside in Devon, England. This blog10514351_10152374065761743_7152340539528300952_ois going to slowly (perhaps very slowly)  fill up with recipes, thoughts and travel pictures.

Sorry no new and exciting concept, just another self important pulchritudinous person posting to potentially satisfy one’s amour propre… BOOM! Alliteration!

Currently I’m preparing to teaching english in Korea for a year (the good Korea not the bad!). Part of going there is to learn how to cook another cuisine and to save some
dollaaa to travel southeast Asia until funds run out. Hopefully over the next couple years I’ll be learning new techniques

So yeh… If you’re cool, marvelous, fantastic, even, some may say brilliant enough to be reading this blog, I thank and salute you!

Peace Yo!

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